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What is d2w?
d2w which was founded by Symphony Environmental Ltd. which we represent, is a rational, cost-effective, path-breaking additive which eliminates the environmental problems that are caused by plastics.
d2w provides all kinds of polyethylene and polypropylene material to dissolve as only water, practically soluble biomass and very few carbon dioxide in the time period which is determined by the producer ( this period may change from 2 months to 5-7 years optionally ) by not leaving any toxic material behind.


Plastics which were produced with d2w additive have the following advantages :

Physical life of the product may be adjusted during the production process in accordance with consumers needs however conventional plastics continue to pollute the environment for hundreds of years.
The product can dissolve in all kind of environments including dry ones.
They has the same mechanical durableness as conventional plastics.
They are water and gas impermeable like conventional plastics.
All kind of printing process can be executed on them.
They can be produced as transparent.
They can be produced in the same machines as conventional plastics and no additional process or equipments are needed during the production process.
It is certified that this product can be used for packaging of every food materials including the frozen foods.
They can be used in high-speed packaging machines (for instance bread packaging machines).
They do not cause any methane emission during the dissolution which is one of the greenhouse gases.
During or after the dissolution, they do not cause any toxic effect to environment and this
qualification of them are certified.
When they dissolve in earth, they enrich the earth with carbon and biomass and therefore they increase the yieldance.
They can be reutilized by means of recycling process.
They can be added to compost process.
Contributing to protect the environment which is the legacy of our children, is collective
responsibility of everybody. We believe that d2w will make a major contribution to discharging this responsibility and increasing the life quality of future generations.

Protecting the nature is our respontibilty and best inheritance to our children.