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Quality Environment Policy
Our company is one of the best high-quality and reliable companies in Turkey with the services it provides in the sector.
The sector which we operate in requires meticulousness in its field.
Below are the basics of our policy to fulfill our role in this sector;
Always being a reliable company.
Meeting customer needs on time and on demand.
To keep our customers' satisfaction at the highest level.
Guaranteeing the products we produce do not pose a danger to human health and/or environmental safety.
Not just keeping your current situation, but always aiming better at every point.
Complying with legal regulations and standards without compromise.
Preventing all dangerous situations and behaviours in a systematic way and appyling this to all our activities.
Preventing pollution by carrying out the necessary activities to reduce the amount of wastes that generated and the consumption of natural resources as a result of our activities.
To make researches and improvements to ensure the recycling of all kinds of finished, semi-finished and raw materials that are recyclable.
Sharing our approach and priorities with the public and other relevant groups and try to best fulfill our responsibilities for this purpose.
Protecting the nature is our respontibilty and best inheritance to our children.