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We produce our products with the best quality and service understanding.
First step we supply our production with produce suitable and high quality raw material. 
With high tecnology electronic control system provides us to produce best quality plastic. 
With our computer system 
Single and double layer extruders are the first phases which shape the plastic, also the first phases that transform the granule plastic raw material into bulk products which have desired specifications. 
By means of cutting-edge technology, wide amplitude operations and computer
control, the product which is prepared in desired dimensions, thickness and color can be attained by using mixtures which are suitable for application features.
In Federsan , all of your special orders are prepared for printing process after they have been designed by our praticians.
The imprints can be carried out up to 6 colors with the Flexo technique.

Cutting and Packaging
Plastic packagings enter the cutting process after the printing and then they are dispatched after packaging.
We then design your polybags for your special orders and prints as you wished.
After the printing process, the cutting process begins and we then pack your goods and get them ready for delivery.
Protecting the nature is our respontibilty and best inheritance to our children.